2023 Writing Commitment

2023! it's a new year that promises to be a really great one. There are technologies to master, products to build, etc. I believe there is also a growing demand for not just software developers but sound software developers that can build systems and applications that are good and reliable, superficial knowledge won't do anymore and only those that know their stuff will be able to thrive in the coming years

That being said, I have committed this year to invest in more consistent self-development, which involves things like standard software architecture, building projects in public, contributions to open source projects, adhering to clean practices, etc. I believe one of the best ways to cement understandings around certain domains is to teach them or articulate them in a well-written format that will be instructive to others. I look at producing biweekly( once in two weeks) articles inspired by the challenge started by Idris Olubisi https://twitter.com/olanetsoft/status/1606650175799365632. This is a public commitment aimed to foster accountability, I believe it is going to be an interesting and demanding journey, I might stumble around a few things, but I can only get better and better at this, that being said it's time to get to work!